What Is A Fair Trade Product

What is fair trade - A fair enough question that an astute shopper might ask is " What is a fair trade product"?  The answer may be as simple as reciting the actual list of items such as coffee, tea, sugar, flowers, cotton, wine, many different types of produce and a wide selection of handcrafted items.  An understanding of what is a fair trade product goes beyond the actual list however.   One needs to recognize that fair trade is more of a social movement to help impoverished developing nations come up to a standard of living that is on par with the rest of the world.

What is fair trade - This movement also takes into consideration the concept of sustainabilty.  These nations are mindful of the resources on the planet such as water and soil.  In order for them to sustain in their existence and the existence of the planet (we only have one planet to work with), the farmers and craft workers need to receive a living wage. Prior to this, their remuneration was so low, that a life of poverty for themselves and generations of their children was an absolute certainty. So much so that the old trading practices could almost be regarded as "free trade"

 Items that fall under the What Is A Fair Trade Product umbrella can be identified with a label from one of the four recognized organizations that promote and support fair trade. They are the World Fair Trade Organization, The European Fair Trade Association, The Network Of European Worldshops and the Fairtrade Labeling Organizations International.   All the products have met the standards endorsed by these organizations as having been produced, processed and packaged while conforming to such requirements. Additionally, equality towards woman and children in the workforce are strictly adhered to.

Wouldn't the world be a better place if our fellow man, woman and child  was treated with the dignity and respect that we enjoy in our modern society?  The answer should be a resounding YES!